The ultimate high-tech electric golf trolley is here

JuCad’s brand-new Carbon Travel Nero SV 2.0 electric golf trolley is constructed with a new type of 3K carbon structure, used in the aerospace industry (but never before in golf), developed for situations where extreme loads are placed on the material. This completely new electric golf trolley offers absolute tensile strength and stability under maximum load - and is also lighter than ever before.

The super-elegant Nero SV (‘Superveloce’) three-spoke wheel rims are also made from 3K carbon, and are therefore incredibly durable. And why not take a closer look – the 3K carbon structure is visible, and beautiful. Once again, German brand JuCad has led the way in golf with innovative engineering, and continues to play a pioneering role in the sport.

Each part of the new Nero SV framewas developed with the motto "Design to Weight" in mind. Our engineers sought to achieve absolute minimum weight, with absolute maximum load-bearing abilities. This gives the matt-black, full-carbon Nero SV extreme stability, ultimate manoeuvrability, and an intuitive, perfectly-balanced feel – even when fully-loaded with a heavy golf bag. At only 5.3 kg, the 3k Carbon Nero SV is the first of its kind in the world.

This new dream-machine on the fairways can be dismantled within seconds, as is the standard with JuCad electric trolleys, and packs down to a truly miniature 65x35x15cm size, making it the perfect companion for travelling golfers – or for those with sports car-sized boots.

Nero SV features JuCad’s integrated-tech 2.0 package, with dual-sided Parking Brake; Brushless Motors; Magnetic Charging Plug and Charge Level Indicator, plus a 45-hole range rapid-charge JuCad Battery.

The whole package ensures world-class JuCad comfort standards.

The new 3K Carbon Travel Nero SV 2.0 is, quite simply, unique in the world of golf.

Price: 3,990 Euros

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