Now it’s become even quieter...!

Golf equipment has already reached a very high technical level thanks to state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing and yet, every now and then, along comes real innovation! Take for example JuCad, the industry leader in electric trolleys, which for the new season  has unveiled a novelty that is virtually silent: the new Silence models. Nomen est omen!

In addition to the usual elegant JuCad design,  the supreme novelty is a silent drive directly in the wheels and, in the case of the Model Drive SL Titan Silence 2.0, a folding mechanism that opens up and closes the trolley together with the wheels in just a few seconds with a flick of the wrist. There are no individual parts and - typically JuCad - no visible cables or hazardous folding connections, yet still a compact, flat packing size of only 78x67x20 cm, perfect even for small car boots.

The ideal: The wheels of the JuCad Titan Silence are firmly connected to the trolley and can be easily folded. The gearless and wear-free drive by rim hub motors in the wheels ensures almost no noise at all. This super-quiet trolley moves with perfect power transmission over the fairways and is extremely efficient and energy-saving which is guaranteed in the superior range of all JuCad trolleys, including the Silence models. Add this to the proven JuCad battery technology and the practical JuCad accessories and everything simply fits into place with this latest innovative design.

The Carbon Silence 2.0 model is of course just as silent.

Once again, typically JuCad: We like to persuade quietly...

Technical details: only 8.9 kg weight, 6-year frame guarantee, optional remote control.

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