JuCad for Golf Youngsters

Golf, as we all know, is becoming increasingly popular with the young generation. But what's really hip is the matching equipment for youngsters – from JUCAD!

Not only can the coveted trolleys be assembled and dismantled in no time, they are also suitable for all ages and heights. Featuring all the high-tech highlights, trendy colours and everything needed to make golfing more fun. JuCad's robust Junior Trolleys boast cutting-edge technology and are easy to manoeuvre and handle. The true lightweights are made of stainless steel with a height-adjustable handlebar – perfect for all heights up to 1.50 metres. The taller ones will find their favourite model across the entire JuCad trolley range.

By the way – essential for those still growing: When compared with trolleys with only two wheels, a three-wheeler allows you to keep your upper body straight without putting too much strain on one arm. This is easier on your back and, especially important in hilly terrain, the 3-wheel trolley helps save exactly the amount of energy often needed to score those extra points in a tournament.

The great thing with all JuCad trolleys: they have the smallest packing sizes and everyone will find the perfect model to suit. Really cool is you can create your very own individual trolley, complete with matching golf bag and accessories, using the JuCad configurator.

Absolutely unique: For junior golfers, JuCad Junior and JuCad Junior Drive models are available in stainless steel - value guaranteed. The full purchase price is credited when graduating to a full-size JuCad trolley version later. In addition, JuCad proudly supports and promotes many clubs and tournaments for young people. Simply test a JuCad...

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