Batteries that deliver what they promise

Anticipation for the forthcoming golf season is growing and we can finally enjoy our favourite sport again - as long as we have the right reliable equipment with us on the fairways! Imagine your’re in the midst of playing a great round of golf - possibly the first of the year - when suddenly it's all over on the 16th hole. Your e-trolley has failed you at the final hurdle with a flat battery! What could be more annoying? But it doesn't have to be this way if you’re using an electric trolley handmade in Germany, from industry leader JuCad complete with its latest batteries, there’s no such thing as being stranded.

The new compact, handy power packs (just 1.3 kg) with lithium high-performance batteries and quick charger not only fit securely into every JuCad golf bag, but also promise to deliver power and reliability. Over normal course conditions as well as hilly terrain, the batteries can be relied upon to last. Indeed in optimal conditions, they last up to 45 holes thanks to energy recovery!

Tested and certified, the batteries also meet all legal transport and safety regulations which is important, for example, when flying with an e-trolley and for your own safety during the charging process.

But of course, the JuCad electric trolleys are not only an impressing option because of their powerful batteries: amongst the diverse models made of carbon, titanium, alu+ or stainless steel, every golfer will find a suitable companion as the integrated JuCad technology features ensure a smooth ride on the fairways, and thanks to the mini or folding packing dimensions, the trolleys are easy to stow away and transport.

Smooth, practical, powerful, reliable and safe. Let the next round of golf begin!

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