An Electric Trolley with Awards: the JuCad Drive SL Titan Silence 2.0

You can barely hear it, but it's the champ on all golf courses: The JuCad Drive SL Titan Silence 2.0 from industry leader JuCad is making waves without a sound — all thanks to a noiseless drive that’s built right into the wheels! The typical sleek JuCad design remains, as does the practicality. With its folding mechanism, the trolley, along with its wheels, sets up and folds down in just a few seconds with a single handle — almost effortlessly. Plus, there are no individual parts, visible cables, or risky folding connections to worry about. Instead, JuCad's top trolley scores with a small, flat pack size of only 78 x 67 x 20 cm. Perfect even for small car trunks...

The innovative design of the JuCad drive SL Titan Silence 2.0 has already received two awards in 2024 and convinced the jury of this year's Design Awards:

*As a Red Dot Design Award Winner 2024 in the Product Design category: "In search of good design" — the Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions worldwide and is the accolade for high design quality. Only products with outstanding design receive the coveted quality seal from the international jury.

* As a German Design Award Winner 2024 in the "Excellent Product Design - Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure" category — the German Design Award identifies significant design trends. In a nomination process, only products that demonstrably differentiate themselves through their design quality are invited to participate in the competition by international expert committees.

The award-winning electric trolley is a practical pro: the wheels are securely attached to the trolley and easily foldable, and the gearless, wear-free drive through hub motors in the wheels produces almost no driving noise. The JuCad Drive SL Titan Silence 2.0 glides – with perfect power transmission – quietly across the fairways and is absolutely efficient and energy-saving, guaranteeing the well-known high range.

Additionally, there's the proven JuCad battery technology, including the practical JuCad accessories.

With the JuCad Drive SL Titan Silence 2.0, every golfer becomes a winner...

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