The "Knighting" of JuCad!

Winner of the German Brand Award

The German Brand Award is something like a “knighting” for a company and a brand. This award is the first contest that covers all disciplines in modern brand management. It is therefore very much desired because it credibly proves the quality of the brand. To the great joy of Kira and Dipl. Ing. Jörg Jung (MSc Engineering) who are the makers and owners of the brand JuCad – the German premium manufacturer in the golf industry – they received this year’s honours in the category of “Industry Excellence in Branding” award ceremony in Berlin!

Under its JuCad brand, the family-owned company JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH of Limburg, Germany, which has contributed trolleys made of stainless steel, titanium or carbon as well as a broad range of bags and accessories to the golf industry for nearly three decades and, as early as in 1988, it built the first dismountable designer golf trolleys. In 1998, JuCad electric trolleys with their high-tech engines integrated in the axle conquered the world of golf – and the Phantom model with the worldwide unique full carbon singlespoke wheel rims has been successfully hitting the fairways since 2014. Considered to be the main highlight and brand characteristic is the elegant design of the JuCad trolleys, the intelligent technology inside and a unique, distinct diversity coupled with the one-of-a-kind innovative spirit – by golfers for golfers.

An independent jury composed of jurors from business, science, consulting, services and agencies decided that JuCad should win the German Brand Award as the best product and company brand in an industry.

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