JuCad – the cutting-edge exhibition and service centre

JuCad has created a Golfer’s Paradise with golf trolleys, bags & accessories

"The most important shot in golf is the next one.” JuCad power couple and managing partners, Jörg & Kira Jung opened their new exhibition and service centre in Limburg using golfing legend Ben Hogan’s famous line and comparisons with this player who arguably had the most perfect golf swing of all times. During the opening, golfing insiders described it as “probably one of the most modern” of its kind, so the comparison with Ben Hogan was legitimate...

In his entertaining speech, Jörg Jung claimed: “The nine times Major winner would have been pleased to be out playing rounds with a JuCad trolley or using one of our 90 different colourful bags for his clubs...!”

200 guests celebrated in and around the company’s headquarters in the new and exquisite golfer’s paradise. This includes a more than 2000 sqm exhibition and service area inside the bright, high tech, state-of-the-art facility built to reflect the quality of JuCad products. Exhibits of all JuCad trolleys manufactured in Germany from stainless steel, titanium and carbon are displayed on the top floor like colourful pieces of jewellery. All golf bag models in a wide range of colours and JuCad accessories are also shown: the JuCad putter range, travel covers, carrier bags, colourful wheel options and all kinds of accessories such as golfer’s seats, cigar or bottle holders and JuCad shirts. The second floor boasts a service centre with cutting-edge technical tools.

Managing director Kira Jung, the leading driver of ideas and initiator of the new “JuCad Center” emphasizes: “Here, every golfer is able to create their personal favourite model, making each JuCad trolley a one-off, ensuring stylishness and functionality.“ Her husband, engineer Jörg Jung, who developed the electric trolley technology in 1998, states proudly: “Every year, we extend our product range with novel developments reflecting our efforts to bring ever more technical perfection to market! We still gratefully remember our first tee off with JuCad: while today many start-ups use the internet, Werner Jungmann, my father-in-law began business with the basics, crafting innovations in his garage! It is there that he developed his first specialized tools and bending machines. Based on his expertise, the three of us were able to develop and manufacture trolleys. And – just like on a golf course – we moved forward step by step or stroke after stroke… The aim is to continue as a family business offering quality craftsmanship based on our 100 loyal employees as the solid foundation.”

Thanks to the reliable, award-winning trolleys, JuCad’s now global operations will be further enhanced by the opening of this new chapter in presentation and service. After winning both the “Red Dot Award 2015” and “Plus X Award 2017”, the JuCad brand has now been honoured with the coveted “German Brand Award”. The award certificates being discreetly displayed in the new centre...

Jörg Jung closed his laudatory speech both humbly and confidently: “We work swiftly and flexibly. If we have an idea in the morning, we commence the realisation phase in the afternoon... By continuing this flexibility as a team, we will be able to remain industry leaders in the area of high-end products. Our new centre is akin to our trolleys and bags: made by golfers for golfers – with much passion! For us, this launch is like a hole in one...!”

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