JuCad Golf Bags 2022

Practical, super light, waterproof or extravagant

JuCad's stylish golf trolleys are a familiar sight on all fairways: the family-owned company based in Limburg is also one of Germany's largest suppliers of golf bags. These bags are popular with golfers both in terms of function and comfort as well as design and color. With or without JuCad trolleys – every golfer will find "their" individual golf bag that meets all requirements. Matching carry bags complement the trolley manufacturer's extensive product range.

New for 2022:

With its contemporary design made of premium materials, the JuCad Bag Style is both sporty and stylish at the same time. Four elegant new colors are now available for the 2022 season: dark brown, dark green, grey and light green. The bag not only impresses with its appearance, but is also a perfect companion on the round, thanks to its full-length, 14- club divider (9 inches), an extra-large putter tube and a cooling compartment. Speaking of which: the clip-on pouch, a separate JuCad Powerpack compartment and numerous small and large external pockets provide not only XXL storage space, but also allow instant access to your equipment. Price: 329 Euro

The Bag Luxury is an extravagant eye-catcher - unique and recognizable. The main focus is on the striking design with elaborate and exclusive embroidery and a holographic mirror effect. New designs include “Japan” with large kois in elegant black / gold and “Paris” with the city's landmark Eiffel Tower. With 9 inches and a classic quad compartment, the Bag Luxury also offers room for all golfing utensils. A separate compartment for the JuCad Powerpack and numerous small and large external pockets provide storage space. Price: 990 Euro

The bag specialist's portfolio also includes bags for all weather conditions with waterproof and water-repellent models each featuring waterproof zippers. The water-repellent bags are specifically designed to withstand moisture and rain for extended periods. To be on the safe side, you can of course choose a completely waterproof bag which will remain dry regardless of weather conditions.

An example is JuCad’s new Bag Aqualight which is a waterproof carrying and cart bag. Manufactured of 100% waterproof material and equipped with high-end waterproof zippers, this lightweight bag offers JuCad's renowned comfort, and not just for a quick round of golf or whilst travelling. Thanks to its intelligent design and practical folding mechanism, the bag can be placed upright on a trolley, despite feet. Price: 199 Euro

The JuCad Bag Captain Dry is a water-repellent sporting talent - including 100% waterproof zippers and a waterproof compartment for your valuables. This super lightweight bag offers plenty of storage space. The 14-compartment organizer top with carrying handles and section suitable for oversize putter grips feature useful details such as a small, detachable pocket and practical umbrella holder. And thanks to the padded, removable shoulder strap, the bag can be carried both effortlessly and comfortably. Available 2022 in two new colors: grey-pink and grey-blue. Price: 299 Euro

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