JuCad golf accessories

The practical and innovative JuCad golf accessories guarantee added enjoyment on the course!

JuCad polo shirts

JuCad polo shirts for men and women in superb COOL DRY quality. Available in many colours.


JuCad scarf multifunctional

New! The elastic and seamless microfiber functional cloth in JuCad design is versatile. Lightweight, breathable and quick-drying, it can be used as a scarf, headband, cap, wind or dust protection, the creativity is limitless. Washable at 40 degrees, size: unisex.

art. no. JMT, EUR 10,-


JuCad towel

High quality microfibre towel with clip-on hook. 3-fold.



JuCad functional towel

New! The extra large golf towel with waffle texture, with an elongated central opening, can be pulled over the handle bar or attached to the bag by a hook. Particularly hard-wearing, cleans and dries quickly. Dimensions: 80x40 cm.

art. no. JST2, EUR 20,-

JuCad caps and JuCad visor

Sporty cap made of light and breathable microfibre. Adjustable and available in many colours.


JuCad bottle support neoprene

Protection and insulation for your bottle of up to 1 litre. Water-repellent and equipped with a drawstring, the neoprene bottle support can be attached to the bag by clip-on hook for easy and safe storage.

art. no. JFHN, EUR 19,-


JuCad bottle cooler

With the practical JuCad bottle cooler, your drinks stay longer cold. Suitable for bottles up to 1 liter. Easy to clip-on your bag.

art. no. JGK, EUR 15.-

JuCad head cover set

This high quality head cover set for ultimate protection of your driver, fairway wood and hybrid heads. The soft material adapts perfectly to the club head’s shape, the inside is fur-lined velvet for scratch prevention. Neutral design, black, available in 3 sizes.

art. no. JHC, EUR 39,-

JuCad ball and tee holder

Practical ball and tee holder made of high quality neoprene for 3 balls and 3 tees. To be clipped on your golf bag.

art. no. JNBH, EUR 5,-

JuCad garment bag

The JuCad garment bag made of lightweight nylon fabric surprises with numerous details and is the ideal companion to protect the clothing from dust and dirt.


JuCad soft scorecard holder

Elegant scorecard holder in exclusive leather design.

art. no. JLSH, EUR 10,-

JuCad divot tool

Noble divot tool made of stainless steel, extra long (45mm) for fixing even deep ball marks. With magnetic ball marker. For all friends of a well shaped green.

art. no. JPITCH, EUR 20,-


JuCad sticks

The JuCad sticks are the perfect training aid for golfers of all levels. Versatile practise drills will help you to improve your golf swing and alignment. Two glass fibre sticks, Ø 8 mm / 3/4 inch, length 104 cm / 3.4 feet.

art. no. JSTICK, EUR 15,-


JuCad telescopic ball retriever

This extra light telescopic ball retriever will help you to fetch your golf balls from hazards where you would otherwise not be able to reach them. Compact when folded and with soft JuCad jumbo grip to allow easy and convenient handling. 7-section twist & lock shaft, length up to 2 m (6.5 ft.).

art. no. JTBA2, EUR 25,-


JuCad brush

To clean your clubs during your round of golf, including a practical fixing clip.

art. no. JGSB, EUR 10,-


JuCad mini bag

For multiple use, e.g. as umbrella stand or wastepaper basket. Height 58 cm / 23 inch, ø 20 cm / 8 inch.

art. no. JSS, EUR 30,- (black)
art. no. JSS-W
, EUR 30,- (white)


JuCad backpack

The trendy backpack with audio pocket is made of sturdy material and perfekt for travelling. With numerous compartments for valuables and equipment, as well as a separate pocket for your laptop. The padded straps and the reinforced back make the comfort complete.

art. no. JRU2, EUR 69,-


JuCad gift set 1

The JuCad gift set comprises everything you need for the next rounds of golf: 100 extra long JuCad golf tees, 12 JuCad Titanium golf balls, the practical JuCad rain cover, a JuCad golf towel and the JuCad shoe bag (sum of individual prices EUR 90,-).

art. no. JGSET1, as a set EUR 50,-


JuCad gift set 2

All you need for your next round of golf: a practical ball and tee holder made of high-grade neoprene, 90 extra long tees, 12 JuCad titanium golf balls, JuCad ball marker set, JuCad golf towel, JuCad brush and JuCad shoe bag (sum of individual prices 80.- EUR).

art. no. JGSET2, set price EUR 60,-


JuCad gift set 3

All you need for your next round of golf: JuCad wheel bag (without wheels), JuCad golf towel, JuCad brush, JuCad ball and tee holder made of high-grade neoprene, JuCad ball marker set, 12 JuCad titanium golf balls, JuCad divot tool, JuCad bottle cooler, JuCad telescopic ball retriever and 90 extra long wooden tees (sum of individual prices 150.- EUR).

art. no. JGSET3, set price EUR 100,-


JuCad wheel bag (without wheels)

Your JuCad rear wheels are neatly stowed away inside this practical wheel bag. Size 34x34 cm / 13.5 x 13.5 Inch, including shoulder strap. Black.

art. no. JR, EUR 30,-


JuCad Protector

The JuCad protector shelters your clubs inside the travelcover from rupture. Your equipment stays protected like under an umbrella. Individually extendable up to 133 cm/ 4.4 inch.

art. no. JP, EUR 30,-

JuCad rain cover

Keep your equipment dry in seconds! Made of fast drying and durable material with easy fixture to any golf bag type. Requires no space in your golf bag! An outside pocket keeps tees and balls within your reach.

EUR 30,-

(black, art. no. JRC; red, art. no. JRC-R; silver, art. no. JRC-SI)

JuCad champagne trolley

An extraordinary surprise for your business partners or golf friends. The exclusive manual miniature trolley made of stainless steel is equipped with a thermo-lined mini bag for cooling your champagne. The handle bar is height adjustable. The outside dimensions without the handle bar are 60x67x58cm. With this original catering idea every golf tournament or party will be an unforgettable event. Sensational: the miniature trolley will be  traded in at its full purchase price when buying a new electric JuCad trolley.

art. no. JICE2, EUR 399,- (without champagne bottle)

JuCad putting mat

With extra long and padded surface as well as automatic ball return.

art. no. JPM, EUR 80,-

JuCad shoe bag

With ventilation and carry handle, black.

art. no. JR2, EUR 20,-

JuCad tees

Extra long eco-friendly wooden tees, 70 mm / 2 3/4‘‘, blue. 15 pcs.

art. no. JT2, EUR 1,-


JuCad golf balls

For a perfect feel from tee to green. High ball speed, 12 balls.

art.-no. JV500, EUR 24,-

JuCad ball marker set

With 2 pens and template for easy identification of your golf balls.

art. no. JBMS, EUR 5,-

JuCad score pencil, Set of 5

Compact and easy for recording your score.  Set of 5.

art. no. JBS, EUR 2,-

JuCad Clip

JuCad clip for the JuCad remote control, for fixation on your clothes.

art. no. JFS-A, EUR 5,-

JuCad putter clip

Clip-on putter holder for your golf bag to keep your putter always at hand. Including ball marker pin.

art. no. JPC, EUR 5,-

JuCad pocket umbrella

With the JuCad pocket umbrella you will never get caught in the rain again. The ideal companion for every occasion. With a practical automatic open and close mechanism for quick and easy opening. Colour: black.

art. no. JSMINI, EUR 39,-

JuCad putter and JuCad putter grips

Every JuCad putter is high precision milled and made of first-class materials for a unique putt feeling.