Battery safe

Tested and certified JuCad Powerpacks in their original condition pose no danger whatsoever! 

An increasing number of golf clubs now require fireproof boxes for charging lithium-ion batteries. Batteries from other manufacturers and brands can also be stored and charged in the battery safe-box. The box design allows the charging cable to be routed to the outside through a flame-proof opening. In the event of a defective battery, the pressure generated inside is vented and any smoke is filtered through the upper ventilation openings ensuring no harmful substances are released to the atmosphere.

Our super-light JuCad battery safe-box will meet the requirements of many golf clubs, thus allowing you to continue charging on site. The battery safe-box can naturally also be used for charging lithium batteries at home or on holiday ensuring additional safety.

  • Also suitable for batteries of other manufacturers and brands!
  • Charging of batteries up to a charging capacity of 300 Wh
  • Inner dimensions WxHxD: 250 x 100 x 165 mm

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