Scorecard holder
Scorecard holder

JuCad scorecard holder

A practical accessory for your trolley.

The JuCad scorecard holder not only protects your scorecard, but keeps also important accessories such as balls, tees and pencil always at hand. The rain proof cover is provided with stainless steel hinges and a magnetic closure and available in various colours free of charge.

EUR 100,-

Scorecard holder Cover

The rainproof cover for the scorecard holder is available in various colours.

Individual price cover: EUR 20.-


blue, art.-no. JSAX-B blue, JSAX-B
yellow, art.-no. JSAX-Y yellow, art. no. JSAX-Y
bright green, art.-no. JSAX-G bright green, art. no. JSAX-G
orange, art.-no. JSAX-O orange, art. no. JSAX-O
pink, art.-no. JSAX-P pink, art. no. JSAX-P
red, art.-no. JSAX-R red, art. no. JSAX-R
black, art.-no. JSAX-S black, art. no. JSAX-S
titanium, art.-no. JSA titanium, art. no. JSA
white, art.-no. JSAX-W white, art. no. JSAX-W

The JuCad scorecard holder can be mounted on your trolley in a minute. With velcro glove holder at the bottom side.


Unbreakable mirror made of stainless steel. Can be taped directly into the scorecard holder lid for a quick routine glance during your round of golf. Measures 13x10 cm / 5x4 inch.

art. no. JSPI, EUR 20.-