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JuCad - founder of the design class

For 38 years, JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH, based in Limburg / Germany, succeeds internationally with their golf trolley brand JuCad and enjoys an unrivalled reputation for excellence, performance and prestige. Already in 1988, the renowned company produced the first folding designer golf trolley in stainless steel with 3-spoke wheel rims. In 1998, the family owned business developed the next generation of JuCad designer trolleys, the stainless steel electric trolley, with invisible cables and motors integrated into the axle. This brought on a new milestone in the trolley industry and at the same time introduced another technical innovation - the “hidden” storage of the battery including control unit inside the golf bag. By launching the JuCad Phantom with its worldwide unique singlespoke wheels rims made of full carbon back in 2014, JuCad proved once again to be a pioneer in the golf sector. In 2017, the JuCad brand was awarded the coveted „German Brand Award“ and named Brand of the Year in the Golf Equipment category. The new and innovative trolley JuCad Ghost Titan was awarded the popular „German Design Award“ in 2018.

Precious JuCad trolleys are created for golfers, who appreciate high-class quality. The design is encouraged by passion for golf trolleys and golf sport. The vast innovative capacity of the brand with regard to design, marketing and communication is in the capable hands of Kira Jung. Particular customer needs are the motivation for the permanent enhancement of the JuCad trolleys and the defined goal to develop the matching trolley for each golfer.

For this reason, JuCad is the first manufacturer within the golf industry to provide an online trolley configurator on their website. The brand JuCad is a symbol for colour variety that vitalizes the fairways with a refreshing and extraordinary design.

Only the purest high-class materials such as titanium, carbon and stainless steel are used during the production process. Combining high-precision machinery with expert handcraft and attention to the detail, each JuCad trolley is the very definition of excellence and quality. At five different production facilities in Limburg / Germany, a highly specialized team manufactures sustainable and sturdy golf caddies in unique depth of added value. The internationally successful company with 100 employees has been managed for over 20 years in second generation by Kira and Jörg Jung.

Since the establishment, the company has travelled a long way but the mission has remained unaltered: to make unique golf trolleys that represent the finest German design and craftsmanship and are simply state of the art. In the newly opened, ultramodern JuCad Centre, with 2000 m² of exhibition and service space, the JuCad team is available for intensive and detailed advice on JuCad product diversity and  colourfulness, as well as for dealer training. All JuCad trolleys, as well as all golf bag models and JuCad accessories will be presented in the new premises. The service centere is located on the second level, equipped with the most modern technology tools.

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JuCad – The Original. Unique. Valuable.

Every JuCad is an original in unique quality - handmade in Germany. The extraordinary design and the long lasting value, make a timeless classic of each handcrafted trolley. With its highly efficient technology such as the intelligent placement of the high-tech motors inside the drive shaft, the ultra-light weight, the variety of different packing sizes - foldable or detachable - every JuCad trolley becomes an exceptional masterpiece, offering a lot of benefits to its user.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Unique trolley-art, that is, what the brand JuCad is famous for! The elegant and timeless design combined with the innovative technology in terms of the ultralight weight, the mini-packing size and the placement of the high-tech motors within the trolley shaft, make the JuCad trolley to become an exclusive and comfortable friend on the fairway. We proudly announce, that our model JuCad Phantom Titan, with its unique single spoke design, was honoured with the Red Dot Award because of its creative sophistication and modern technical details. Furthermore, we have been awarded in the categories high quality, design and ease of use with the Plus X Award. As a company with a high level of design expertise, JuCad is member of the German Design Council, which belongs to the international leading competence centres for design and commited itself as well as its members to a fair competition.

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JUTEC Biegesysteme Perfektion bis ins Detail

German craftmanship in completion

For 38 years we are producing with passion bending systems for the air- and spacecraft industry, plant construction and automotive applications. Against this background in manufacturing experience, we have started in 1988 to develop complex tube bending pieces for golf trolleys. Our longtime know-how enables us at any time to fulfill the highest demands in shaping and material combination with the help of design. Modern technology and the usage of exclusive high-grade materials, make an original with enduring value of every JuCad trolley. The concentration on the essential with an eye for individuality and sustainability are self-evident, as we have high demands to ourselves and the way we produce. A world, where trendsetting materials, innovative technology and functional elegance are aligned to a timeless design. First-class quality as well as a flexible and quick customer service are our top priority. The creation of enduring valuable products, while never losing sight of the people, gives a good feeling to us and our partners. Your pleasure and your product benefit are our motivation. Welcome to the world of JuCad!

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