JuCad Putter Titanium

A unique putting feel is provided by the CNC-cut JuCad titanium putter. The heavy and low weight distribution gives good balance. The head is manufactured from solid titanium with a precision cut putting surface ensuring a reactive feedback to learn from the feel your putt. Head weight: 450 g. Available in 32-36 inch, standard size 35 inch.

Delivery with convenient JuCad jumbo putter grip. The soft and grippy material ensures a good putting feeling. Available in a wide range of colours.


Finding the right putter length depends on certain individual factors. The decisive factors in selecting the length are body height, grip position and the alignment of the upper body parallel to the target line, slightly inclined from the hips, and the contact position towards the ball positioned under the front eye.

Reference Guide:

Height                  Putter length (Inch“/cm)                                     

160 cm                 32“/81,3cm   

170 cm                 33“/84cm              

180 cm                 34“/86,4cm                     

190 cm                 35“/89cm                  

200 cm                 36“/91,4 cm

(1 inch = 2,54 cm)

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