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We support professional golfers with our products on their way to success.

Bernd Ritthammer

Bernd Ritthammer was only six years old, when he held a club in his hands for the first time….. today he belongs to the pro’s. The absolute highlight in his career was the golf season 2016: The victory at the “Made in Denmark Challenge” was his first title during a Challenge Tournament. He was able to continue his success with victories at the Irish Challenge and at the Challenge-Tournament-Final, the NBO Golf Classic Grand Final. In 2017, Bernd Ritthammer will take part in the “European Tour”.

Bernd Ritthammer about his JuCad trolley:
My JuCad Titan trolley is a supporting and reliable companion during my practice rounds at home! Also for travelling it’s perfect, due to the small and flat packing size. Many thanks for this brilliant product and for your cooperation!


Kevin Berger

Kevin Berger was the first Pro to opt for a JuCad electric trolley. This ultra light and effortlessly manoeuvrable trolley will have saved a few strokes during Kevin’s professional career.

Kevin has had a meteoric rise through German amateur and professional golf. His entry into golf was plain spectacular. In only two years he went from first play to a handicap of zero. For this achievement Franz Beckenbauer presented him with the “Golfer of the Year” award. Not least, the press were ecstatic.

Max Eichmeier

Max Eichmeier turned professional by the mid-year 2012 and plays regularly on the EPD tour.

He started playing golf at the age of 7. He became a single handicapper at the age of 11 and a plus handicapper at the age of 16 respectively. As an amateur, Max’ best handicap was + 3.4. He took part in many national and international championships reaching several top ten results. Moreover he reached 3rd places at the Hungarian Open 2010 and 2011 and won the German “Länderpokal” with the selection team of Baden-Württemberg in 2011.

Max’ best performance in his nine attendances as a professional so far has been his 6th place at the ‘Preis des Hardenberg Golfresorts’ on the EPD tour. At the German Professionals’ Championship 2012 at Gleidingen golf club near Hanover, he finished 17th.

Max marked course records at his home club Hochstatt with a round of 65 as well as at Golfpark Donauwörth and GC Schwäbisch Hall with 66 shots each. After only half a season as a professional, he is currently ranked 33th in the German Order of Merit.

Roger Furrer

Roger Furrer is one of the hopefuls of Swiss professional golf with a stellar junior career behind him. His first contact with golf came by chance, at the age of 13, after successfully playing ice hockey and tennis. After only a few hours on the driving range, his passion for golf had swept him away. Only two years later he was accepted into the regional squad and in 2001 inducted into the Boys National Squad. Four years after his first golf stroke, he was a scratch player and ranked 8th among amateurs in the Swiss Order of Merit. Through victories at two international junior tournaments in the United States, US college golf coaches became aware of his outstanding golf capabilities and he was offered a study scholarship and membership in the golf team. He commenced the study of economics at Augusta State University (Georgia) and played tournaments for one of the best university golf teams in the USA.

"For me, my Titanium Jucad is the Rolls Royce amongst golf trolleys. Due to its light weight and the fact that it can be folded so compact, I can take it to tournaments and training, whether by car or even aircraft in its travel bag. Being a great aesthete, I love its plain modern design combined with technical perfection. It simply cuts a great figure all over the world, whether on a Swiss mountain course or a windy links course in Scotland."

Andy Gall

A Diplom-Golflehrer (qualified teaching pro) of the German PGA at the Märkischer Golfclub Potsdam, where he was trained by Martin Westphal.

His training contcentrated on:

  • Group training (beginners and advanced)
  • Juniors training (solo and team training)
  • Club repairs and video analysis

Marcel Haremza

Marcel Haremza is one of the great hopes amongst German golf professionals.  He was 10 when his love for golf was kindled by his parents.  Already as an adolescent he dreamed of becoming a playing pro on the European Tour.  But first he invested in a solid education and became a teaching pro at the golf club GC Hohenpähl/Germany.In 2001, he won as a qualified teaching pro of the PGA of Germany the qualifying tournament for entering the Playing Pro Team of the PGA of Germany, of which is a member ever since.Following successes in the EPD Tour 2002 Marcel Haremza is now playing the European Challenge Tour and keeps pursuing systematically his overriding aim:  the Tour Ticket for the European Tour.The model athlete from Herne in North-Rhine-Westphalia now lives near Seefeld in the Austrian Tyrol with his partner  --  she runs the Golf Academy Seefeld where Marcel trains regularly.Marcel Haremza is under the aegis of the consulting and management agency businessmeetssports.

His JuCad drive SL trolley is his constant companion during training and tournament rounds. “I am a fan of good design. But that my trolley is very light and at the same time extremely stable makes it different from all others I have tried so far. It is fun to follow behind the JuCad trolley while remaining relaxed and conserving my strength for the game. The battery is a pure energy pack and has never let me down even on the hilly courses in my Tyrolean homeland – and yet it is small enough to fit into my travel golf bag”, is Marcel Haremza’s summary of his JuCad experience. 

Felix Lubenau

At the age of only 28 years, Felix Lubenau is already one of ‘old hands’ in German golf.  As an eleven year old his first acquaintance with golf occurred at the Golfclub Bad Waldsee, playing the occasional rounds with his parents.  But in 1989 his talents were spotted and he obtained special training in the junior squad of Baden-Württemberg.  After membership in the national teams for juniors he progressed to qualify for playing in many European and world championship tournaments.  In 1996 he won the German Amateur Championship.In 1998 Felix Lubenau became a professional golfer with a handicap of +3. As a member of the AUDI Golf Team he immediately won the German PGA Championship 1998.  During 2004 he played in the European Development Tour and the European Challenge Tour.

Felix Lubenau uses his JuCad Drive trolley whenever he plays for training or in tournaments throughout Europe. “This trolley combines functionality and design. Wherever I play, spectators and fellow players are surprised that such an elegant trolley has motors and a battery, none of them visible.  On hilly courses little strength is lost and muscles stay supple.  That makes play more enjoyable as well as leading to better scores”  --  says Felix Lubenau.

Benjamin Ludwig


  • 1 victory BW Drei Thermen Open 2008 EPD Tour (now ProGolfTour)
  • 2nd place PGA Vierermeisterschaft 2010
  • 12th place Final Ranking EPD Tour 2008
  • 15 additional TOP10 places during EPD Tours since 2007
  • Member of the pro team GolfTeamGermany 2008


  • First contact with golfing in 1999 at the age of 16
  • Hcp 0 at the age of 19, advance to professional level in 2006 at Hcp +2
  • Since 2006: active in EPD Tour, Challenge Tour, div. Winter & 3rd Level Tours, ProAms


Jochen Lupprian

Jochen Luprian is another meteor rising through German professional golf. He held his first golf club when he was 14 – relatively late compared to other top professionals. Even in other respects he is not exactly typical. This son of a policeman in Burghausen showed his instinctive talent during his first year of playing golf, finishing with a handicap of 13. After his second year his handicap had dropped to 4 and the trainers of DGV (German golf association) took notice and enlisted him in their trainee squad.

Aiming to become a successful professional, Jochen Luprian battled to rise through the Bavarian and German order of merit lists.

His JuCad electric trolley helps to focus his concentration on play. “I can’t afford, nor would I want to have a caddie to carry my golf bag for every tournament.  Since I have my JuCad drive trolley I no longer feel a need for a caddie because this top-of-the-range trolley masters hills and dales and I conserve my energy for play. I especially like its minimal need for space in the boot of my car; often I am several weeks at a time on tour and I need space for all my other luggage. This trolley has reached technical perfection and you can tell from its detail design that golf enthusiasts had quite an influence in its development.”

Christoph Pfau

Christoph started to play golf at the age of 7 at GC Salzburg-Rif, where Thomas Neureiter, neighbor and friend oft he familiy, is president and co-founder.

After graduation from secondary and polytechnic school and an apprenticeship as clerk as well as first results on regional level and the 2nd place at the Junior Austrian Championship he was affiliated to the national squad. From 2005 – 2007 Christoph was part of the Austrian Men’s A-National squad. His best handicap as an amateur was +1,9. In fall 2007 Christoph decided to turn professional and earned his first prize money at his second tournament as a pro at the Sueno Classic in Turkey.

On September 30th, 2011 Christoph shoots a 58 at the Austrian PGA Championship at the Par 71 course in Metzenhof – the lowest round ever played in Austria. Christoph’s short-term goal is to reach the Top 5 in the order of merit oft he EPD Tour, afterwards the Top 20 on the Challenge Tour and finally the establishment on the European Tour.

Richard Porter

Richard Porter is a German PGA Professional with English roots. His career on the golf course began in 1990 at the age of 12. At the age of only 16 he was playing with handicap 0, at 19 with +4.3. After his victory at the German Championships in 2000, Porter became a professional in the 2001 season. In 2002 Porter, born in Birkenhead, England, won the EPD Tour in the overall ranking.  With three tournament victories, he secured the European Challenge Tour ticket, where he played from 2003 to 2006. At the age of 33 his progress was temporarily hampered by injury. So far, Porter has won a total of 19 titles, six of them on the EPD Tour. He played his best round with a 64 (-9) score in the EPD Tour Schärding Classic. His most recent successes include third place at the German Matchplay Championships (Schönbuch Open Intern. PGA Matchplay 2011). Richard Porter is a member of the team national golf (management). He is trained by Andy Gall, Teaching Pro at Golfpark Gut Häusern.

"Using the JuCad Titan allows me to again invest more energy in my training and fitness. On the golf course, the JuCad Titan is a true all-rounder. With it at my side, no mountain is too high and no round too long. Not only is it practical, it also looks great and is very lightweight and easy to stow away. Packed in its bag, it is ideal for travelling. Simply a versatile winner."

Benjamin Schlichting

Benjamin Schlichting is a rising star in German Pro Golf, his light beginning to shine from beginner and junior onwards.  His sporting life started as an enthusiastic tennis player but at the age of 13 he started to play golf.  After one year he had a handicap of 17 and eleven years later his amateur days were over when his handicap reached +3.  He had the support of the German Golf Association (DGV) and was in the national team which earned him play in several World and European championships. His boyhood dreams of becoming a successful professional golfer were helped by his natural talent and determined application on his way to the top.  Next stages are EPD Tour and European Challenge Tour.

Benjamin Schlichting is under the aegis of the consulting and management agency businessmeetssports. 

He is particularly proud of his JuCad titanium trolley. “It really is the best that I can imagine a trolley to be, a perfect fusion of design and functionality” -- praise indeed from Benjamin Schlichting. “With this trolley playing golf is fun!” he adds. But he stays quite the realist: “The way to reach the European Tour is long and tough. One must avoid injuries and needs a little luck, too”, is how he summarises his 5 years of playing as a professional. But luck comes only to those who work with dedication to reach their ambition – and Benjamin surely is dedicated!