JuCad remote control

JuCad remote control

The JuCad remote control for more driving pleasure!

The trolley can be controlled at any time either by the stepless turning control on the handle or with the clearly layed-out remote control for movement in any direction. Your golf equipment is therefore always at the right place sparing you unnecessary walking. Every JuCad remote control has its own unique transmission code to prevent misdirection – beyond the transmission range the trolley will come to an automatic halt.

The JuCad remote control is optionally available for all JuCad electric trolleys at a price of EUR 449.00 when purchasing a new one.

Would you like to retrofit your existing JuCad trolley with a remote control? Please contact our customer service.

€449.00 *

incl. VAT

Ready for shipment in approx. 3-5 workdays

  • JFS2
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